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Stéphan Barron has worked since the mid 80’s on the emerging technologies and developped many projects using very different technics. He developped artworks and ideas such as Planetary Art (Global Art) and Technoromanticism. He is considered as a pioneer in Eco Media Art i.e. Art, ecology and Technology.

Stéphan Barron’s first artworks are satellite video and audio transmission (THAON/NEW YORK 1987), telefax art (LINES the Meridian Project 1989), ORIENT EXPRESS 1987 using modems and anticipating art with internet. LE BLEU DU CIEL 1994 showing the the average of the colours in the northern and southern skies.
OZON 1996 transforming Ozon city pollution and measures of Ozon layer into a sound installation (being one of the first use of internet for art)...
Recent artworks CONTACT 2008 heat transmission via Internet, Thermochromic pigments THERMOCHROMES 2012, and 3DEDALUS 2015, 3D printing.

Stéphan Barron is also video artist and musician.